Bergen might be getting a funky new makeover

BergenPhoto: Nathan Van de Graaf / Unsplash

Modern architecture firm Third Nature (Tredje Natur), based out of Denmark, has designed a so-called regenerative city plan for Bergen.

The proposal encompasses 40 hectares and aims to give a new look to the city’s old soul, including its port and ferry terminal.

The idea is to create a sustainable, zero-emission neighborhood, based on renewable construction materials, a community economy, and climate adaptation.

Bergen itself is a city where millennia-old human culture and nature live side by side; with ancient architecture and beautiful fjordscapes looking one another in the eye.

Green and smart

Third Nature aims to bring the natural and manmade even closer together, in an environmentally friendly way.

The end goal is a green, smart, and easily accessible cityscape.

So, the architectural plan is highlighted by an urban streetscape that focuses on some of Bergen’s most famous sights, and includes a natural trail to connect the waterfront with the city’s green areas.

Three major areas would be in the spotlight: the first being “The Sea Quarter” (which houses the Institute Marine Research, the Directorate of Fisheries, and the Bergen Aquarium); the second being “The Sugarhouse Square” (which would be a new urban development); and the third being “Under the Bridge” (which would include space for experiments, entrepreneurship, and grass roots under the city’s Puddlefjord Bridge).

Check out Bergen’s potential new look here.

Lykke til to Third Nature and Bergen in their future pursuits!

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