Falling population in nearly half of all municipalities

People Karl Johan Oslo population growthPeople on Karl Johans gate in Oslo. Photo Norway Today Media

The population in Norway has increased by 17,400 in the first half, but only 208 of the country’s 422 municipalities was part of this growth. In 201 municipalities, the population dropped.

The increase occurred in already populous municipalities, according to statistics from Statistics Norway (Statistics Norway).

In the municipalities where the population increased, an average of 20,300 people lived there at the end of June, while the municipalities with a decline there lived an average of 5,200 people. The decline is divided into five counties – the three northernmost, as well as Oppland and Sogn and Fjordane.

In the second quarter of the year, 10,600 immigrants were registered, the lowest figure for any quarter since 2006. Nevertheless, a positive net immigration, ie more immigrations than emigrations, was registered in all counties.

When it comes to moving inland, the situation is different. There was domestic emigration from all the counties in Northern Norway and Western Norway in the second quarter. In a majority of the counties in Eastern Norway, more people moved into than moved from them.

Østfold had the most net domestic migration compared to the population, with 2.79 per 1,000 inhabitants. Troms had the fewest, with 3.65 net internal domestic moves per 1,000 inhabitants.

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  1. Joakim Haugen | 21. August 2019 at 18:56 |

    Growth, growth and more population growth are never positive. No nation should have more people than they can support with what the nation itself produce. This fear mongering marxist talking point is so old by now it’s obvious you’re all a bunch boomers like Lars Gule

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