Great interest in Hyperloop collaboration

Hyperloop(From the Left) Thor Myklebust from SINTEF, John Harald Aamundsen from Rambøll and Elias Cashier from NTNU initiated the conference on the Hyperloop.

Great interest in Hyperloop collaboration

Can Norway and the Nordic Region become a pioneer in Hyperloop? How close are we to «the fifth form of transport»? That was the topic when Rambøll, SINTEF and NTNU invited to a collaboration conference with some of the world’s leading hyperloop experts.


– Hyperloop feels far-fetched for many still, but if that mode of transport is ever to become a reality, we have to start the basic work now. That is what we want to achieve at this conference, says Joakim Olsson from Rambøll Management Consulting.

Environmentally friendly transport

Hyperloop is an environmentally friendly transport system that can revolutionise how we transport goods and people.

– Here in Norway, we see great opportunities for passenger and, not least, goods transport, says Thor Myklebust from SINTEF.

– Hyperloop will be able to link the Nordic countries closer together and strengthen our markets both internally and externally.

– But although technical progress has made big advances in recent years, there is still a way to go before the concept can be put to life.

– The technology exists, but how do we show the benefit to society and the possibilities of the Hyperloop?
This will be very important to anchor this in the political environments in Norway and the rest of the Nordic region, says Malcolm Sjödahl from Rambøll Sweden at the conference.

467 km / h

He went on stage together with Lars Hagebris from the Finnish Ministry of Industry, who are already well on their way with Hyperloop experiments, and Gabriele Semino from the University of Munich. Here a group of students has developed the POD vehicle. Their latest POD version has reached a speed of 467 km / h.

– There is rapid development in the field. In order to facilitate Hyperloop in Norway and the Nordic region, businesses, politicians and researchers alike, must push in the same direction. We hope that we have helped to lay down the foundation for this, says Olsson.

Private and public entities

The Participants at the conference were from both private and public enterprises. Even the Finnish Ambassador was present. Finland is one of the countries at the forefront of the development of the Hyperloop.

-It was an interested assembly with many good questions and suggestions. It is obvious that this topic engages. Rambøll, SINTEF and NTNU are excited to follow the further development of the Hyperloop in the Nordic region, Olsson concludes.


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