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The hitchhikers guide to Norway

Karin Ellis. Private photoKarin Ellis. Private photo


A must read for anybody planning to seek employment in Norway

You might think that your western way of approaching work and social life will make it easy to blend into Norwegian society, think again. For those of you with a different cultural background; forget most of your conceptions of how to approach working life.


It is not often that I am astounded by any book, fiction or not, than Karin Ellis’ rendering of how to make your path in Norwegian society as a whole. Understanding why Norwegians are so different from any other strand of homo homo sapiens, even the Danes and Swedes have a huge problem understanding them. Karin Ellis has written a brilliant book called ’Working with Norwegians’ that not only will give you a heads up if you want to work in Norway, but also gives you an idea of the land of Fjords, Trolls and the Nobel Peace Prize.

If anything, the only thing wrong is that the title should be changed to ‘a hitchhikers guide to become  a Norwegian’


Facts about the book and author

The book is written by Karin Ellis. Karin 1) is the founder of Ellis Culture, a company developing and conducting cultural training and lectures.  The book is based on 30 years of professional experience from international environments; including research results and interviews with persons from all corners of the globe, as well as feedback and dialogues with thousands of participants attending the sessions.


Karin Ellis says that she compiled ‘Working with Norwegians‘ because she has seen an urgent need for such a book for quite some time.  In recent years there have been several books published by non-Norwegian authors with a humoristic characterization of Norwegian culture.  There has until now however not been a template available with a to the point approach for non Norwegians to obtain the necessary help to adapt to the Norwegian workplace and social life.


Karin has compiled the ‘Working with Norwegians‘ introductionary course for international employees of companies and universities in nearly a decade, and she has received many requests from individuals to attend these. Many of which does not have an employer who can organize it for them.  This is the reason why she compiled a book in order to be able to reach all of those who can not attend this kind of training in their workplace.



The book can most easily be obtained from


1)  It is a very important part of Norwegian culture to refer to people you are acquainted with by their given name only


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