Meteorologist: Expect sunny weather in the east of Norway and heavy rainfall in the west

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The weather in Norway is currently characterized by contrasts, meteorologists say.

“Our country is full of contrasts, and there will be a bit of everything in different parts of the country this weekend,” on-duty meteorologist Pernille Borander at the Meteorological Institute told NTB.

A large low-pressure area will be circulating across the country towards the weekend. In Western Norway, a danger warning has been issued for heavy rainfall. In Møre og Romsdal, 60 to 90 millimeters of precipitation is expected towards Friday. 

Possible snowdrifts

“It’s getting wet. But it is also cold. That is why we have issued a danger warning from Thursday to Friday. The same applies to the mountains in Southern Norway, where the combination of a lot of snow and strong winds will lead to locally heavy snowfall and difficult driving conditions,” the meteorologist added.

Dry and sunny in the east

In Eastern Norway, the meteorologist expects relatively dry weather and some sun, at least until Saturday. 

The whole of Southern Norway will be able to experience pleasant weather on Saturday. Parts of Western Norway could also catch a glimpse of sunshine on Saturday, while Eastern Norway can look forward to a particularly nice day on Saturday.

In Central Norway, dry weather is expected on Saturday, but the further north you go, the greater the probability of snow.

Rain in the south on Sunday

On Sunday, it will rain all over Southern Norway, as well as in the east and west. Along the coast in Western Norway, a lot of wind is expected.

In Northern Norway, the weather will calm down on Sunday, after a windy and cold start of the week with snow in many places.

“This is a typical autumn for Norway, with changing weather. In Southern Norway, the temperature remains relatively high, while the cool weather continues in the north,” Pernille Borander said.

Winter in the north

With persistent snow showers and cold temperatures, winter has arrived in Northern Norway, according to the meteorologist.

“Meteorological winter is defined through average temperatures below zero degrees. The weather in Northern Norway north of Nordland should be labeled as winter weather now,” she said.

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