Multiple lung cancer patients receive successful curative treatment

Radium Hospital in OsloRadium Hospital in Oslo.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The number of lung cancer patients receiving curative treatment has increased from 20 to 37% in ten years. ‘This is a very good result,’ reported the Cancer Registry.


Lung cancer takes more lives than any other form of cancer, and there are few patients who can count on being healed.

But much has progress has been made in the investigation, and treatment, of lung cancer in recent years, and now more and more patients are being treated with the intention of trying to make them cancer free.

‘The percentage of lung cancer patients treated for curative purposes was 37.4% in 2016. That is a very good result, and it isn’t shown that other countries can show a larger percentage of curative patients,’ said a report about lung cancer from the Cancer Registry.

Survival rates for lung cancer have improved drastically over a few years. This Is much due to better treatment and surgery, but according to the Cancer Registry, it may also be because the doctors have become better at choosing the right treatment method for lung cancer patients, including for the purpose of curing them.

Lung cancer is still a very serious disease. Although there are now more effective treatment methods available, only a minority of patients have the disease to the extent where curative treatment is available. The five-year relative survival rate is 16% for men, and 22% for women, according to figures from the Cancer Registry.

But the prospect of greater cure for the disease is not far away


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  1. Hi! Im curious why women are most likely to survive in lung cancer that men?

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