Nearly four in ten have felt lonely during the Coronavirus crisis

LonelyLonely.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

37 percent have felt lonely during the Coronavirus crisis, according to a new study. Among those with the lowest incomes, 52 percent felt lonely.

61 percent of those surveyed said they were not lonely, while 2 percent answered “don’t know” in the survey Norstat conducted for ABC News.

“We don’t know anything about how many of these people usually feel lonely, but that 37 percent say they feel lonely is a relatively high figure,” says psychology professor Elisabeth Norman at the University of Bergen and UiT Norway’s Arctic University.

Among those with an income of less than NOK 300,000, a full 52 percent state that they have felt lonely. Among those earning more than NOK 900,000, the corresponding figure is 27 percent.

In households with only one person, almost half respond to being or feeling lonely lately. There is also loneliness in larger households. In households with five or more people, almost 39 percent say they feel lonely.

The younger age groups state to a greater degree that they have felt loneliness than the older age groups.

1,000 people were interviewed in the survey.

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  1. A very interesting survey.

    I was joking with family during a video chat that as a pensjonist living alone almost in isolation was my normal life anyway. 🙂

    Although I *had* hoped to find a beautiful young woman willing to join me during lockdown and now that crisis opportunity has passed … or maybe not.

    (I have fond memories of my *pretty* young first wife giving me haircuts back in Alaska. See the cute “haircut” scene from the movie Her Alibi on YouTube.)

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