New report: Oslo is the worst places to live as a meat-eater in Europe

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The 2020 Diet Destinations Report revealed the best and worst places to live as a meat eater in Europe. Oslo is at the bottom of the list.

According to research from, Oslo is the worst place in Europe for people consuming meat in their diet.

The Norwegian capital has the most expensive quality of living for meat lovers.

A kilogram of the main meats for Oslo natives ranks as the most expensive in Europe totaling in at over NOK 400.

Worst access to specialty meat restaurants

Oslo residents and tourists also have the worst access to specialty meat restaurants with just 211 in the whole city.

Berlin tops the specialty restaurant ranking with 508, neighboring Stockholm ranks in second place with 500 specialty meat dining locations.

Oslo has some way to go to be matching rival Stockholm’s totals.

Again, further comparisons between Oslo and Sweden’s capital city make it clear that Stockholm is the Scandi Capital for meat-eaters.

Stockholm ranks in the top 10 for both specialty takeaways and restaurants and the top half of all European cities for energy and food costs.

Energy prices in Oslo

Despite the negatives, energy prices in Oslo rank in the mid-tier for energy costs whilst cooking an at-home meat meal with a value of just under NOK 1.

Oslo eclipses nearby Copenhagen for energy costs with the Danish capital having the most expensive in Europe, energy prices are 77% less in Norway.

The major cities in Germany, Berlin, Munich, and Dortmund, make up the top four most expensive places for the home chefs amongst us.

Europe wide, Glasgow dominates the cities to be crowned as the best city for meat eaters with some of the best access to specialty meat restaurants – 24% over the European average.

London natives and tourists have the best access to meat cooking classes with over 50% more than Paris which is next in line.

When it comes to the cost of at-home meat meals Moscow is the champion with the cheapest grocery prices and the cheapest energy prices in the study.

Top 10 European cities to live on a meat based diet:

  1. Glasgow
  2. Budapest
  3. London
  4. Moscow
  5. Paris
  6. Krakow
  7. Lisbon
  8. Dortmund
  9. Belgrade
  10. Amsterdam

Source: 2020 Diet Destinations Report / Norway Today


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