Winter scare in Southern Norway ends, milder weather ahead

Winter - snowPhoto: Bob Canning / Unsplash

The upcoming weekend will be characterized by changing and milder weather in large parts of Norway.

For many, winter arrived abruptly this week. 

The first snow fell in large parts of Southern Norway on Tuesday, but the winter was no more than a short bluff.

Towards the weekend and next week, it looks like the weather will be milder in large parts of the country.

“Now it’s autumn, and it’s often the case that we have slightly colder periods with snow… 

“The weather we have now is not particularly abnormal,” state meteorologist Rannveig Eikill at the Meteorological Institute told news bureau NTB.

“Even though there will be some precipitation on Wednesday, there will be no snow until over 1,500 meters – at relatively high altitudes. 

“On Friday, it looks like it might be a little cooler, but the snow line will probably not be as low as earlier in the week. 

In Agder, for example, there may be snow some snow at altitudes of 600–800 meters. In the west, there will be snow in the mountains,” Eikill said.

More precipitation in the north

According to the meteorologist, there may be a little more precipitation in parts of Northern Norway this weekend.

“Especially on Friday, it looks like Finnmark will get a lot of snow, and there may be a little more showers in Troms and Nordland. 

“It looks like the form of precipitation will vary slightly, and the temperature will be around zero degrees. 

“It will probably mostly be sleet or snow, but at the very end of the coast, there may be some rain,” Eikill added.

Changing weather in the south

In Trøndelag, not so much precipitation is expected in the next few days.

“There may be some clouds and maybe a little sunshine on Friday, but on Sunday, there could be some rain.”

It seems the weather will be mostly rain in Western Norway. 

People should also prepare for changing weather and rain east of the mountain range Langfjellene.

“It seems the weather will be nice for parts of Friday, and then there will be rain early on Saturday,” the meteorologist warned, adding that there will probably be some rain both in the west and east on Sunday. 

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