Norwegian population reaches 5,328,000 inhabitants

Karl Johans gate in Oslo. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / SCANPIX

The population in Norway increased by 32,000 inhabitants last year.At years-end, there were 5,328,000 million inhabitants in Norway.

The growth in the population is the smallest since 2004 showed figures from Statistics Norway (SBB). During the period 2006 to 2016,population growth was particularly strong,so in light of this,the population growth is normal.

There were 584,233 foreign nationals in Norway on 1 January 2019.This is an increase of almost 17,000 from the previous year.This growth thus amounts to just over half of the total population growth.The Poles are in a special position and make up 18% of the foreign citizens who live in Norway.

Akershus and Oslo had the largest population growth in 2018, accounting for almost half of the total growth.The population also fell in the counties of Sogn and Fjordane,Oppland, Finnmark and Telemark. We must return to 2005 to find so many counties with population decline.

The average age in Norway has increased a little each year,but in recent years the increase has gone faster.The average age in Norway was 40.28 years at year-end.This is an increase of 0.23 years from the previous year.Such a rapid annual change has never been seen in the country before.

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