Nursing home residents spend more than 12 hours in bed every day

nursing home bedsNursing home beds.Photo:

When researchers measured the activity of nursing home patients, they found that the patients spent more than half of the day in bed.


The assessments also showed that the patient’s sleep quality wasn’t good,reported Bergens Tidende newspaper.

‘We know that bad sleep is a negative. The risk of falling, increased mortality, and reduced quality of life may be the consequences. Therefore, it is important to study sleep patterns in this particularly vulnerable patient group,’ said Kjersti Blytt at the National Competency Service for Sleep Disorders at Haukeland University Hospital.

She and her colleagues are behind a study published in the journal, BMC Geriatrics.

They followed 84 patients in several places in Norway for seven days. On average, the patients lay in bed for 12 hours and 20 minutes each day, i.e. over half the day.

‘This is in line with numbers we’ve seen before. But it is still remarkable that they spend so much time in bed’, said Blytt.


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