Summer night in Southern Norway, 17.1 degrees measured in Drammen

ÅlesundPhoto: Samuel Han / Unsplash

Warm air masses and dry winds led to a summer night in November in many places in Southern Norway.

While October was abnormally wet in both Eastern and Southern Norway, heat records can also fall in November. 

Among other things, temperatures of 14-15 degrees Celsius were reported in Eastern Norway on Friday.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute reports that high temperatures were registered on Friday night at a number of measuring stations in Southern Norway: Sunndalsøra (17.8), Åndalsnes (15.7), Otta (15.5), Hønefoss (16.1), Flesberg (16.5), Oslo (15.9), Drammen (17.1), Sande (16.7), and Gullholmen (16).

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  1. Norman Borreson | 6. November 2020 at 14:25 | Reply

    It is reassuring to know that your newscasting is unbiased
    and is nonpolitically.

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