The Cancer Society received over 20 million from donations collected on Facebook

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The Cancer Society was among the organizations that received the most from Facebook donation collections last year. They raised NOK 22.1 million.

– “Many have incredibly strong stories that are very engaging and moving, and there are very many who support. It has been a lot of money,” says department head Ellen Døvle Kalland of the Cancer Society to Vårt Land.

Essentially, the organization has received money from donations started by private individuals. Last year’s Facebook donations made up 6 percent of all Cancer Society funds raised.

The Rainforest Fund received NOK 10.3 million from Facebook donations last year, according to Vårt Land. 8.8 million came in connection with the Amazon rainforest fires.

MSF received NOK 9.1 million via Facebook donations collected last year. The figure for the Norwegian Red Cross is NOK 3.9 million, Save the Children received 2.8 million, while the Norwegian Refugee Council received NOK 1.7 million at checkout via the social network in 2019, according to Vårt Land.

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