Three out of ten Norwegians in poor physical shape

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Almost three out of ten Norwegians are now in worse physical shape after the onset of the coronavirus crisis. Among those under 30, almost half have said they are in poor shape.

Analysis agency Opinion has monitored the status and impact of the coronavirus in Norway. It has asked a total of 14,500 Norwegians over several weeks whether they have been training for the past week as well as the status of their physical health.

“The number of Norwegians who claim to be in poor shape increased both before and after Easter and is now at its highest level since Norway shut down. Many admit they are not physically well-trained because of the absence of cross-country skiing tours this year,” said Opinion’s senior adviser Ola Gaute Aas Askheim.

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  1. Baljinder Sharma | 18. April 2020 at 14:12 | Reply

    A disciplined country and the most people follow law and order which has helped to fight against the disease like coronavirus spreading.

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