Wants measures against drug shortage

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SV calls for measures against the drug shortage

SV’s Kari Elisabeth Kaski calls for measures from the Government to improve the situation regarding drug shortage.


The Norwegian Medicines Agency reports that there is a shortage of two drugs used to reduce the risk of blood clots. This is due to production difficulties. According to VG, the Norwegian Medicines Agency views the situation as being serious.

As of 2017, 180 cases of drug shortage have been reported. Throughout 2016 there were 192 cases. Therefore, the Socialist Party (SV) believes that 2017 will be another record year for drug shortage. Kaski now asserts that pharmacy wholesalers will be required to stockpile more than the fifteen most important drugs than they do today.

One package at a time

– In the short term, there must be many more medicines in stock. In the long term, we will put in place more national production capacity. We have previously had larger production in Norway, but sold a lot abroad, where we rely on few commercial actors, she says. Minister of Health, Bent Høie (Conservatives), does not believe that this is necessary.

– We do not see a need to review the situation in Norway, which we have a good overview of. What is important, however, is to implement measures that have been launched nationally to deal with what is factually an international problem, he says.

Pharmacies are now able to deliver drugs from EU and other EEA countries without applying for exemption from approval. In order to avoid hoarding, they are, however, advised to only issue one package per customer.


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