Need not repay loans after ID theft

Bank ID ID theftA typical, Norwegian, Bank ID device. These are widely used to log in to bank's and official Norwegian portals, such as health, NAV and tax. Photo:

Several Norwegians need not repay loans due to ID theft

Several recent verdicts have established that victims of stolen identity are not liable for bank debt incurred after ID theft.

Gjøvik District Court last week rejected claims from a total of six banks of NOK 1 million against a man in Oppland. The man received claims for consumer loans he was unaware of. The victim’s former cohabitant has admitted that she took the loans out using his bank ID, Dagbladet. writes.

Gjøvik District Court says that the victim has been subjected to gross economic infidelity. He, therefore cannot be held accountable for the abuse of his Bank ID (code chip).



Extensive loan fraud

Oslo District Court sentenced a 36-year-old man from Romerike to three years’ imprisonment for extensive loan fraud on Friday, mostly by using the names and identities of four other men.

Compensation claims are directed against the convicted 36-year-old himself, not to the persons who have been abused their ID, according to this verdict. The 36-year-old man is convicted of 108 cases of fraud, for approx. NOK 12 million, involving some thirty banks. The verdict also includes 90 other attempts to defraud a total of NOK 15 million.

Komplett Bank recently lost a claim in Kongsberg and Eiker District Court for NOK 119,000 against a woman. The woman was unaware that loans were incurred in her name. The bank has appealed that case to a higher court.

The woman’s former cohabitant has admitted to ID theft. He is sentenced to three years in prison for gross fraud and abuse of identity.

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