20 doctors deprived of the right to issue sick leave

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Today, 20 doctors are deprived of the right to issue sick leave. Several types of errors and violations are the reason why Nav has put them on their “blacklist.”

18 of the 20 doctors are regular doctors, and all the doctors are resident in southern Norway, evenly distributed between Western Norway and Eastern Norway, writes Aftenposten.

The statistics of Nav’s control show that the number of doctors receiving this reaction has increased year by year in recent years. In 2014, one doctor or carer lost the right to issue sick leave. In 2018, that number was nine and so far this year, 12 doctors have lost this right.

Large amounts
Nav control deprives doctors of the right to issue sick leave on the basis of several types of errors and violations. This may be that the physician clears the patient for a long time only based on symptoms, it is not assessed whether the patient is able to work, statements are not delivered to Nav within the deadline, faulty medical records are kept, the doctor does not respond to inquiries, and sick leave is backdated.

All doctors who are now on Nav’s “blacklist” have lost the right to issue sick leave for a period of between six months and five years.

“A sick leave on the wrong basis may be the basis for sick pay, work clearance money and disability benefit. There can be very large amounts of it,” says Director Ole Johan Heir in Nav Control to the newspaper.

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