Best day for Norwegian fresh salmon exports ever

SalmonSalmon.Photo: Norges sjømatråd

Friday, 15th of December set a new record in the seafood export market. Never before have more Norwegian salmon been exported in 24 hours than in this one day. A total of 6,500 tonnes of salmon were sent today from Norway to throughout the world.


The volume that was exported today corresponds to no less than 325 trailers of salmon,with a value of NOK 319.5 million.

‘This is the largest export day for fresh Norwegian salmon ever. By the way, week 50 was also the biggest export week for salmon in history, with exports of 30,000 tons of product, said seafood analyst, Paul T. Aandahl, of the Seafood Council.

The last time the record was broken was in 2013, when 29,100 tons of Norwegian salmon were exported in week 50.

The EU is the main market

‘Despite strong growth in Asian markets, the EU is still the largest buyer of Norwegian salmon. 79% of fresh salmon that was exported last week went to the European market, with France, and Poland, being the largest single markets, said Aandahl.

There had been growth in the export of fresh salmon to most European markets this autumn, with salmon being an important product in many European Christmas traditions.

‘Christmas is a time when the British eat a lot of salmon, both smoked and fresh. There are big campaigns in the stores at present, and good deals in stores give us an increase in Norwegian salmon exports to the UK’, said seafood shipment manager in the UK, Hans Frode Kielland Asmyhr.

December is traditionally the biggest month for consumption of Norwegian salmon. For example, consumption in Italy is doubled during December compared to other months of the year.

Normally, consumption of all kinds of salmon products increases around Christmas, but smoked salmon increases the most. In France, the consumption of smoked salmon almost triples in relation to an average month of the year, while in Germany the volume doubles.


Source: Norges sjømatråd / Norway Today