Alleged car arsons in Oslo

car arsons in OsloCar arsons in Oslo:Photo : Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Two cars that burned at Haugerud on Thursday night were probably arson. The fires spread to more cars,the police reported.


The police were notified of the first fire at 01.41.

‘We notified the other emergency services, and went to the spot where we discovered that there were two cars burning. They stood so far apart that there was no spread of the fire between them.

Additionally, we found traces at the site that strengthened the suspicion of arson’, said operations manager, Tor Jøkling of Oslo Police District to NTB news.

The two cars were 50 to 60 meters apart, in a combined garage and parking area at Haugerud.

The police were informed that a boy of approximately 15 years had been seen in the vicinity.

A third car was reported later, but this was discounted when the police got a better overview.

‘There are two vehicles which are probably affected by arson, but then this had spread, and several cars had received heat damage,’ explained Jøgling.

At 02.30, the police announce that the fires had been extinguished.

‘We are working on site investigations, as well as searching for the 15 year old boy, including using a dog patrol in the vicinity.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today