Border opening leads to new records at Swedish stores

Customers inside Maxi mat at Charlottenberg shopping center.Customers inside Maxi mat at Charlottenberg shopping center.Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB scanpix

Norwegians crossing the border to shop in Sweden contributed to a new record. One store had to close multiple times due to high pressure after Norway was opened to multiple Swedish regions.

-”There have been high visitor numbers the whole week.”, says Madeleine Ward, Head of a shopping center in Töcksfors. Tuesday’s record of 14,000 customers broke the old record of 12,500. 

The pressure after the Norwegian authorities opened multiple regions in Sweden has led to groceries having to close from time to time. 

-”On tuesday, we had a 70 meter queue for the registers and had to close the store a couple of times to keep the safety of the customers.”, explains the Administrative Director, Torbjörn Swartz, of Gransköp vest, who runs a grocery store at Töcksfors.

We sell a lot of tobacco, soda, food, and snacks, Swartz explains. 

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