Border opening does not affect Norwegians’ vacation plans

BriksdalsbreenOlden.Briksdalsbreen in Stryn municipality in Sogn og Fjordane. Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

The authorities’ decision that one can travel abroad without being quarantined does not seem to affect Norwegians’ vacation plans. Nine out of ten will stay in their country.

-” There are many indications that Norwegians to a greater extent are at peace with their vacation in Norway after the authorities announced the opening of the borders. The proportion of those who choose to stay in Norway has increased after the border opening.” said The Senior Advisor at Opinion, Nora Clausen, in a press release. 

At a survey by the Norwegian Corona Monitor from Opinion, 88 percent of those asked stated that their vacation will only be in Norway this year. This is an increase of 3 percent from the government’s press conference last week where they announced which countries Norwegians can travel too without being placed in quarantine when traveling back home. 

At the same time, Many Norwegians are expecting the infection to spread in the community after being opened to more travel. This week, 62 percent answered that they expect the amount of infections in Norway to increase. This is an increase of 7 percent from 55 percent last week.

-” More than six out of ten Norwegians expect more infections. The lowest in may with four out of ten sayings the same. We have to go back to March to find figures on a monthly basis that are higher than July so far.”, Clausen says.

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