Consumer debt register launched

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The debt register, which is to keep an overview of unsecured debt such as consumer loans and credit card debt, was launched on Thursday.

Gjeldsregisteret AS is one of two companies that a year ago got a
license to create a register that will provide better and faster credit assessments and give a full overview of loan seekers’ unsecured debt.

Evry, who owns the new registry, has given NRK news a sneak peek
at the numbers. They show that 567,000 Norwegians have credit card debt on which interest is payable. The interest rate is often up to 20%. 175,000 of us have consumer loans, including a few borrowers who have several million in such loans. Mostly men have debts, and those between the ages of 40 and 60 have the most.

More than 150 financial companies must report consumer loans to the new registry. At the launch, 50 of these were in place, and they accountfor 80% of the volume said Gjeldsregisteret AS in a press release.

‘’We are proud to be able to launch the Debt Register. Financial institutions now get a complete overview of Norwegians’ consumer loans, and in combination with other relevant economic information, better and more thorough decisions can be made’’ said CEO, Per

Hove of Evry. He is also chairman of the board of Gjeldsregisteret AS, which is thus a subsidiary of Evry.

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