Dentists in Bergen are moving children in regulatory queue


Orthodontists in Bergen have pushed children in line for regulation so that they still receive treatment before the support disappears from the New Year.

Many dentists and orthodontists across the country have responded that about 10,000 children will no longer receive support for what the government has called cosmetic dentistry. Starting in the New Year, patients who are currently in Group C of need of treatment will lose support of 40 percent.

In Bergen, several orthopedics have now pushed children who are already in line to receive regulation so that they receive treatment before the cut in support occurs, writes Bergensavisen.

– We have started treating patients who may be at risk of losing reimbursement from the state, jaw orthopedist Paul Sæle tells the newspaper.

In his practice, this means that 15 children who actually had an hour in January will instead be summoned before Christmas. All are children who have already received a referral from the public dental office. No new ones are brought in. Sæle has been strongly committed to the budget cut and rejects that it is about cosmetics, as the government has called it.

– It’s a completely misunderstood view. They may have a cosmetic factor, but the main cause is most often for functional or hygiene reasons. It is provocative and at the same time sad that the Minister of Health Høie thinks we are cosmetologists and not part of Health Norway, he says.

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