Drones will help stop unwanted Christmas trees in Norwegian nature

Christmas treesChristmas trees.Photo: pixabay.com

In 2020, the Environment Directorate will use drones to follow up on tips regarding the illegal planting of foreign tree species, including Christmas trees.

Two years ago, the Environment Directorate started a pilot project with drones for the control of both forestry and the production of Christmas trees in Rogaland and Møre and Romsdal. The project will continue in 2020.

“Modern technology makes our supervisory work more efficient and targeted. Drone photos are used to check if the Christmas trees have been planted in accordance with the permits,” said Environment Directorate’s section manager, Mathieu Veulemans,

In 2012, a regulation was issued on the planting of foreign tree species so as to control the use of foreign woods in forestry and production of ornamental greenery.

Veulemans said foreign tree species can have valuable benefits for the natural diversity of plant fields in surrounding areas.

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