Chinese skiers want book removed from Meråker library

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Leaders of a delegation of skiers from China wanted a controversial Chinese book at the library in Meråker removed but the library has strongly rejected such a request.

“We have freedom of speech in Norway so that was completely out of the question,” said library manager Anne Marken in Meråker to Adresseavisen.

More than 40 Chinese cross-country talents with 15 coaches and managers are in Meråker to train for the Beijing Olympics in 2022. The training programme is a collaboration between Norway and China.

Adresseavisen reports that in recent weeks there have been three incidents concerning Chinese literature at the library in Meråker. Among the books the delegation wanted removed is one about the Falun Gong movement that has been banned in China since 1999.

“We have had three different inquiries from individuals who have asked us to remove that book. Two to three other books are also mentioned from our  collection. They have said that if any of the Chinese skiers are caught with these books, they are afraid that they would risk being sent to labor camp or prison in China,” Marken told the newspaper.

“I have said that the books in the library are open to them. We cannot remove the contents of the library because of such requests,” she said.

Chinese books from Deichman in Oslo have been sent to the library because of the large Chinese delegation in the municipality.

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16 Comments on "Chinese skiers want book removed from Meråker library"

  1. Bullies. I sincerely wish Justin Trudeau would stop kowtowing to them. It’s getting worse.

  2. No one is asking or forcing these Chinese skiers to borrow those books, so why would they need to fear being sent to labor camp? They have to respect Norway’s freedom of speech and country

    • Mainland Chinese should stay in their box if they cannot comply with democratic principles. Stop contaminating the world with the culture of bully and barbarity.

  3. These books are talking about fake stories, better go to China have a look yourself, see how the life there and how the real people are.

    • Winnie the poop | 4. January 2020 at 15:16 | Reply

      seen them all. bunch of degenerate bullies and idiotic lowlife. just because you shout louder doesn’t mean people will listen

    • If u feel that these r fake stories, then refute them, back your case with facts n evidence.

  4. Why Falun Gong is everywhere in the world but only banned in China? Is that the problem of Falun Gong, or Chinese government?

  5. If they are so concerned about being arrested for reading them I suggest they erm dont read them, who the hell do these people think they are, guests in other countries should not behave this way, brainwashed animals.

  6. How funny that now some or most Chinese people believe that China is so strong that its people can order people from other countries around. They don’t follow the rules of other countries. Therefore, why should other countries follow their rules. They simply don’t know how to live peacefully with other people. BTW, I was a Chinese, and I understand communism is the same as or even worse than Nazi. The whole world should beware China’s communism.

  7. It’s shamed that the awful goverment make Chinese a kind of notorious in the world, by the horrible education and censorship.

  8. what a joke . A CNP from the bottom of a well

  9. Ridiculous ! The skiers should respect and appreciates the freedom they won’t find under the CCP rule.

  10. I am Chinese
    One: Falun is indeed considered a cult in China, but there are no regulations or laws that require Chinese citizens or the government to review these books abroad
    2: labor camp has long been abolished in China
    3: If the Chinese do not bring these books back to China, he will not have any problems, so there is nothing to fear. I think this is Marken’s own ideas, not the views of Chinese athletes.
    Four: Even if they really bring these books back to China, they are just confiscation or fines, and they will not be sentenced.
    I personally think that this report is full of prejudice against a world they don’t understand.

  11. Why many rich people from China immigrate to Western country? I live in Vancouver and many of them are here? Is China not good enough for them? Isn’t China a paradise? If I have a chance I would love to live in China and enjoy the freedom of speech, city fresh air, unrestricted internet, real healthy food, top health system, absolute no counterfeit products and the most important I don’t need to worry about a goverment full of corruption! I love China!!!

  12. It’s too ridiculous to do such request. It’s also very strange: 1. skiers from another country go to the library.(why?) 2. And ask the local library to remove some books.
    Even if I know that Fa-lun-gong is shit(don’t feel doubt, my family is victim of the humbug), I don’t stop people from reading their books.
    BTW, I wonder whether mein kampf is available in the library… I mean, full freedom of speech.

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