Elkjøp asked employees to work without pay

Elkjøp becomes larger in DenmarkElkjøp banners. Photo wikipedia.org

The electrical chain store; Elkjøp confirms that it has also, at two of its stores, had employees working on “clean-up” without pay.

Employees at Elkjøp’s department stores have on several occasions worked completely without pay on dedicated “days off”. The electronics giant even calls the practice unacceptable and illegal, writes E24.

The free job has been done in connection with Christmas decorations and work on weekends outside of business hours.

“We take this very seriously, and in the time to come we will continue to make sure that all managers and employees are aware that this is a breach of the Working Environment Act and totally unacceptable,” communications manager Madeleine Schøyen Bergly told the website.

E24 has also recently revealed unpaid work at XXL and Power.

Bergly states that Elkjøp employees will now receive postpaid wages for the ‘free work’ they have done.

– “We have just received information about these conditions and are now in discussions with the staff to investigate how this has happened,” she says.

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