Half of Fagforbundet’s part-time employees want a more significant or full-time position

Mette Nord - FagforbundetPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

A survey conducted by the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees (Fagforbundet) among its members shows that 36% work part-time, and half of this group want a more extensive or full-time position.

A total of 52,254 members responded to the survey, which has been named the Part-Time Report. Among other things, they were asked whether they work part-time and what position they really want.

“Chasing shifts and juggling jobs means insecure finances… and results in a lack of pension earnings. The stories I hear when I visit members all over the country are impactful,” Mette Nord, leader of Fagforbundet, stated in the report.

A majority of those who state that they work part-time are women, so Nord believes that the fight for full-time positions is, therefore, also a fight for the rights of women.

“A secure and stable income means that women can stand on their own two feet and be financially independent of their cohabitant or spouse,” she added.

Strong reaction from the Labor Party

The Labor Party (AP) reacted strongly to the report and promised to change the legislation if they get a majority in this autumn’s parliamentary elections.

“The Labor Party believes that everyone who wants to do so should have the opportunity to work full time. It will be an important issue for a new government,” party leader Jonas Gahr Støre noted.

“Already during the first hundred days, we will remove the general access to temporary employment and strengthen the right to full-time employment in the legislation,” he added.

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