Hillary Clinton wants to stop Norwegian Air

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton wants to stop Norwegian Air.Photo:REUTERS/John Sommers II

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has asked President Barack Obama to reject Norwegian Air’s flying permit in the United States.
Clinton has joined the many critics of the Norwegian effort to get permission to fly to and from the United States, according to the website The Hill.

Now, she is asking incumbent President and party colleague Barack Obama stop Kjos’ US foray, writes E 24.
“Hillary Clinton urges the Obama administration to not go ahead with the consideration of the Norwegian Air International (NAI) application,” said Clinton’s campaign manager Nikki Budzinki in a statement.
NAI is Norwegian’s Irish-based subsidiary, which has formally applied for the license in the United States. They recently received a temporary “yes” from the US authorities. Today, they fly on one of the Norwegian parent company’s licenses.
The establishment of the NAI has been unpopular with unions on both sides of the Atlantic, where there are fears Norwegian will use crews from low-cost countries and hollow out existing rights.
Communication Manager Lasse Sandakerveien-Nielsen from Norwegian says to E24 that Norwegian currently uses US employees with competitive terms.
He stressed that the company wants to do what the Obama administration asks of them.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today