Luggage Trouble at Gardermoen for the second time in a few days

Oslo Airport Gardermoen CustomsOslo Airport Gardermoen. Photo Norway Today Media

Luggage Trouble at Gardermoen for the second time in a few days

Hit by baggage trouble for the second time in a few days.


Passengers from about 30 SAS flights had to travel without luggage from Gardermoen on Thursday morning due to technical problems with the luggage handling at the airport. Today there were still problems with the luggage, which led to long queues in check-in, Aftenposten reports.

But this time all travelers got their luggage delivered, according to Avinor.

– There are some problems with baggage belts which makes for somewhat longer queues, but everyone gets their luggage checked in, says Kristian Løksa, communications manager at Avinor to Dagbladet just after 3 pm.

Løksa tells Aftenposten that the problems led to the luggage being handled “a little more manually.” He made it clear that the planes would continue on schedule, and that they are working to troubleshoot and fix the problems.

Far from satisfactory

Just before 4 pm, Løksa tells Dagbladet that the problems are fixed and that the queues are now beginning to recede.

– Is there any reason to be concerned that there are problems with the facility for the second time in a few days?

– This is a facility that works 99.9 percent of the time. We have no reason to say that today’s problems are related to what happened earlier this week, says Løksa.

Thursday the problems were corrected after a few hours. At that time, it was first and foremost travelers with SAS and Widerøe who were affected. The information manager in SAS says that they had experienced similar problems previously:

– The situation is far from satisfactory and it is extremely demanding. We have had similar problems with the luggage facility before, but then it has been a matter of minutes and not hours, says Knut Morten Johansen, information manager at SAS, to NTB on Thursday morning.


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