Mobile data in Norway is 57% more expensive than in Sweden

TelenorPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Lack of competition in the mobile market means that Norwegian mobile prices are far higher than in Sweden. 

At the same time, Norwegian mobile companies earn far more per customer.

“Norwegian mobile customers come out very poorly from the comparison with Sweden. 

“Telenor and Telia’s duopoly means that we pay a lot for too little,” Finn Myrstad, director of the Consumer Council, noted.

Higher prices

Norwegians use about 3,800 MB of data a month on average, while Swedes use 5,700 MB.

“Even though ICE is in the process of building the third network and several companies have opened up for subscriptions with free use, there’s a long way to go before we have a market that can be compared with our neighbor’s,” Myrstad said.

The Consumer Council also pointed out that Norwegian mobile companies earn an average of NOK 262 per customer per month. 

In Sweden, companies earn NOK 167 per customer. 

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