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Thousands of employees lose fringe benefits

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New tax rules deprive thousands of fringe benefits

New tax rules in this year’s state budget tighten heavily on the benefits that employers could give to their employees. This has consequences in many industries.

In the cinema industry, the consequences is that free tickets to employees disappear, writes Nettavisen.

This affects around 2,000 employees, according to the industry organization Film & Cinema.

Now, cinema employees can get a maximum discount of 50 per cent, and employees cannot get discounts that exceed NOK 7,000 per year, the newspaper writes.

The tightening also affects employees in the aviation, bus and train industries, where similar arrangements with free tickets or heavily discounted tickets must be changed.

State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Jørgen Næsje (FrP), says that all the economic benefits you receive in a job context are, in principle, taxable and say that the change of rule is a necessary tightening since there has been uncertainty about the limits of what can be taxed.

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