NHO and LO will allow the unemployed to study

STUDY IN NORWAY cancellation of examStudying for exams. Photo pexels.com

300,000 people are registered as unemployed or have recently been laid off. Now, the NHO and LO wants to change the rules so that they can study and raise their competence.

Today, job seekers risk being classified as students and lose their unemployment benefits if they enroll in studies or practical courses, writes Aftenposten.

NHO chief Ole Erik Almlid and LO leader Hans Christian Gabrielsen believe that the Coronavirus crisis is a good opportunity to raise the competence of the population, as more people learn to use digital tools, can complete high school and gain vocational skills.

– “The most important measure is that the government must ease the regulations for unemployment benefits. It needs to be adapted to the need so that the unemployed or recently laid off can enroll for further education and still be able to receive unemployment benefits during training,” says Gabrielsen.

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