Somalians on top amongst foreign-born infected

Norwegian Institute of Public HealthNorwegian Institute of Public Health.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Somalians are clearly at the top of the list of Corona infected citizens born abroad. FHI is now taking steps to reach more people in this group with information.

The Public Health Institute (FHI) included in its daily report for Wednesday, the distribution key by country of birth. Of the 4,655 infected living in Norway, the country of birth is known for almost all. Of these, 829 were born outside Norway (18 per cent). Of these, 201 were born in Somalia.

– We see here that there are some groups that may be over-represented. To reach these to an even greater extent, measures are being implemented, including on social media, says Line Director Vold at FHI.

The further contagents by country of birth is Sweden (45), Pakistan (41), Iraq (37), Iran (36), Philippines (31) and Denmark (30).

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  1. I’ve wondered if Sweden’s let-it-rip policy might be in part intended to “cull” – as the British put it – its immigrant population.

    Meanwhile, both Austria and Israel are now making mask/”face covering” wearing mandatory, and here is today’s Washington Post article on exactly how to make your own:

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