Norsk Hydro affected by diplomatic crisis

Norsk HydroAluminum plant Qatalum in Doha, Qatar.Hydro.Photo: Lise Åserud / Scanpix

Norsk Hydro adversely affected by Qatar’s diplomatic crisis

Norsk Hydro’s largest aluminum plant is struggling with exports as a result of Qatar’s diplomatic crisis.

The company must find alternative routes for aluminum exports from Qatar after four Gulf States cut transport links and diplomatic ties with the country, reports E24.

Hydro, which owns half of Qatalum’s aluminum plant in Qatar, tries to solve the challenges.

As one of the world’s largest aluminum plants, Qatalum produces 600,000 tons of aluminum products a year. Most of the products are sent to Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port.

But this port is to be closed for all Qatar shipments from Tuesday morning, writes Norsk Hydro in a press release.

Search for alternatives

– Jebel Ali is a so-called mega port, and very much goes through that port.

Now we have to find alternatives to this port.

 The most important thing is to avoid delays, or at least make sure that delays are not greater than necessary, says Vice President of Communication, Erik Brynhildsbakken, in Norsk Hydro to the newspaper.


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