Norway would have to abide by Europe-wide road toll scheme

toll roads road toll FNBToll Plaza. Photo:

In ten years, mileage will become decisive to the cost of toll if  proposals from the European Commission are adopted. The Commission presented the eight legislative proposals of the roadmap, ‘Europe in motion’ on Wednesday.

The legislation’s goal is to streamline the regulatory framework in Europe,  making costs more fair for road users, while simultaneously reducing road traffic emissions.

If the proposals are adopted, they will apply to the  European Economic Area (EEA).

Mileage determines payment

Amongst the proposals, toll will be paid based on distance traveled. Cars must be equipped with electronic chips throughout the EU, with a common

billing system. Countries are free to decide whether they want tolls or not, but if they do, they must follow the  proposals, the Commission argues.

From annual to usage fee

The EU Commission also proposed replacing the European set fee per car for a period of time, equivalent to the Norwegian annual fee, with a scheme

paying for number of kilometres driven. According to the proposal, annual fees will be phased out for heavy vehicles by 2023, and for passenger cars by 2027. Additionally, the Commission wishes to significantly reduce fees for zero-emission cars.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today