Number of unemployed workers in Norway fell by 800 during last week

NAVPhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

A total of 188,900 people are registered as completely unemployed, partially unemployed, and jobseekers on measures at the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). That is 800 fewer than last week.

The decline is mainly due to the fact that there are 900 fewer fully unemployed workers, while the number of partially unemployed has decreased by 200 people. The number of jobseekers on measures has increased by 400 people.

The total number of jobseekers amounts to 6.9% of the labor force.

“After the increase in November, the number of jobseekers has again started to decline slowly in the last two weeks. 

“We see that the infection control measures that were introduced nationally and locally at the beginning of November have had a significantly smaller effect on the labor market than the measures that were introduced during the first wave of infection,” NAV chief Hans Christian Holte said in a press release.

Gross unemployment

According to preliminary figures, 108,300 people are registered as completely unemployed at NAV. That makes up 3.8% of the workforce. 

Gross unemployment amounts to 123,600 people, which makes up 4.4% of the labor force.

Furthermore, 77,100 people are registered as partially unemployed.

A total of 30,400 out of those who are registered as completely unemployed are laid off. 

The same applies to 31,500 of the partially unemployed. On Tuesday, 2.2% of the workforce was laid off.

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