One in three considering electric car as their next car

Electric car.Photo: Pixabay

Fewer than one in three Norwegians consider buying an electric car as their next car, a new study shows. “Disappointing,” thinks the Electric Car Association (Elbilforeningen).

The survey was carried out by Norstat on behalf of ABC News.

1,021 people were asked what they plan to buy at their next car purchase. 30 % stated that they would buy an electric car as their next car, while 45 % stated that they are planning to buy a petrol, diesel or hybrid car.

The Norwegian Electric Car Association is disappointed with the results.

“We like to boast that Norway has the world’s best electric car commitment. Therefore, it is a little disappointing that even more people are not considering choosing an electric car. I think many people have not learned how cheap the maintenance and operation of an electric car is,” says communications manager Unni Berge of the Norwegian Electric Car Association.

In Northern Norway, only 15 % said that they would replace their car with an electric car, while in Western Norway, Eastern Norway and Southern Norway 35, 33 and 32 % respectively said that they would consider an electric car as their next car purchase.

In the capital, 40 % responded that they did not own a car, well above the national average of 19 %.

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