Online sales of erotic items in Norway exploded during the corona pandemic

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Online sales of erotic items have increased by as much as 65% in the corona period, compared with the same period last year. The increase is greatest in Vestfold and Telemark.

In Vestfold and Telemark, the inhabitants have spent 30% more than the national average on sex toys, oils, and erotic clothing, new figures from Klarna show.

If you take a look at the largest municipalities, Drammen tops the list. 

There, inhabitants have spent as much as 20% more per capita than the national average. 

Fredrikstad is in second place, 8% above average.

Corona shutdown drived growth

“It is quite apparent that the closure in connection with the corona pandemic has led to an increase in sales of all forms of entertainment and play at home. 

“It is therefore not unnatural that sales of erotic items topped our overviews of the categories with the highest growth several times during this period,” marketing director Thomas Elvestad in Klarna noted.

The figures show that more and more women are shopping in these categories. 

Over the past year, their share in total sales has increased by seven percentage points, to 46%, especially among those under 35. 

“So even though men still account for over 54% of the total volume in the category, the growth among women, especially in the younger age groups, has been significant,” Elvestad said.

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