Price war for Christmas shoppers

Non-Stop warNon-Stop war before Christmas. Photo: / NTM

The stores are lowering prices in the fight for Christmas customers

The grocery chains are reporting tough competition on the price of the «Non-Stop» chocolate and a number of other items that are popular for Christmas.


“Yes, it is true that the price of «Non-Stop» has been lowered in recent weeks due to the tough competition between the chains. We fight hard on the price every single day, and they are still moving,” says communications manager Kristine Aakvaag Arvin from Kiwi in Romerikes Blad.

According to the chains, hundreds of goods prices are down, and the sharp competition is well illustrated by the fall in the price of «Non-Stop».

“We were the first to have a price of 27 kroner for the bag of 185 grams, then the others followed. But now we have gone down to 26.40,” communication adviser Nora Helgesen from Kiwi told NTB Thursday morning.

Thus, Kiwi seems to lead in the price war – at least for a while.

– Nice prices

Cheapest in RB’s overview from Wednesday was Rema 1000, who put up a sign with «Non-Stop»  for 26 kroner and 90 øre.

“We want to have nice prices on a variety of Christmas items, including «Non-Stop» for Christmas,” says Communications Manager Fredrik Jahr in Rema 1000.

Meny also confirms that they are in the «Non-Stop» War, with a price of NOK 31.50.

Changes several times daily

But how much does it cost from Coop?

– I will check the price of «Non-Stop». It is not certain that it costs the same today as yesterday. Prices can be adjusted several times a day, says Communications Manager Harald Kristiansen to NTB.

He also uses the opportunity to say that they have lowered the prices of “around 150 items” that they know the customers “need” for Christmas.

After a few minutes, an email from Kristiansen arrives: “The price of «Non-Stop» was Thursday morning NOK 26.90 in our low-price chain Extra.”

Thus, Rema and Coop had the best price for a few hours, until Kiwi adjusted their price. And the competition to be cheap before Christmas continues.


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