Residents of Oslo, Viken, and Innlandet to receive a total of 1 billion kroner in electricity support

Hakadal - NittedalPhoto: Paul Kleiven / NTB

Norway’s largest grid company Elvia estimates that it will cost NOK 1 billion in order for each of their customers to receive electricity support in December.

Elvia’s average customer will get a NOK 1,205 “discount” from the state due to the extraordinary electricity costs in December, the company’s calculations show, according to TV2.

The electricity support covers a part of the power consumption up to 5,000 kilowatt-hours per month. Elvia and the country’s other grid companies have been commissioned to calculate what the individual customer will receive in support in December, January, February, and March.

The agreement between the Norwegian government parties and the Socialist Left Party (SV) states that the state is to cover 55% of the bill when the average market rate for electricity exceeds 70 øre per kilowatt-hour for one month. The scheme applies from December to March.


The grid companies have to forward the information to all the power companies in their area, which will display the amount on a separate line on the invoice, which is to be paid in January for December. The amount the customer is entitled to will be automatically deducted from the grid rent.

According to the calculations, a consumption of 5,000 kilowatt-hours per month provides NOK 3,683 in support, while those who use down to 220 kilowatt-hours will receive only NOK 162 in support.

The support is measured on the basis of consumption and not the bill. This means that those with expensive agreements receive the same support as those with cheaper agreements.

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