Risk of major strikes in kindergartens and Vinmonopolet

Norwegian children.Children playing.Photo Norway Today Media

Employees at kindergartens, Vinmonopolet, airport express, student organizations and other businesses may go on strike if not Spectrum does not reach an agreement on pensions with LO State and Unio within Friday night.

– We’re negotiating on big, difficult questions. Because of this, the danger of strikes  is imminent,  Eivind Gran, Deputy Chairman of LO State and leader of their delegation, says.

If no agreement is reached between the parties, a total of just under 2,200 people will go on strike from Saturday 17 September, and much of the country will be affected.

– The mediation is primarily about the right to negotiate on our members’ future pensions. That right is absolutely fundamental for us as trade unions, and very important for our 340,000 members,  Leader of the delegation of Unio , Eli Gunhild By, says.

If a strike is to take place, employees of Vinmonopolet, routes, airport train, the Industrial (SIVA), Norlandia kindergartens, AIM Norway and student organizations in Bergen, Stavanger and Østfold, will all go on strike.

It is a giant mediation,pure and simple,the leader of the LO delegation says  .
– It  is important for people to know how they are to get by economically, when they stop working,. And because of this, it is important for us to ensure that pensions are not “razed”, Gran says .

The negotiations will start at Sept. 13 at 9 at the National Arbitrator’s office, and four days have been set aside to  try to find a way out of the tangle.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today