Sales of plastic Christmas trees are increasing

plastic Christmas treesPlastic Christmas trees.Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB scanpix

Artificial Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular in Norwegian homes. Several of the major players selling plastic trees report increased sales.

Plantasjen reports an increase in sales of both real and artificial Christmas trees. There are several reasons why more and more Norwegians are choosing plastic, according to press contact Vibeke Nessk in Plantasjen.

– “The reasons for switching from spruce to plastic are probably both reuse and simplicity by dropping care and cleaning of tiny pine needles on the floor and an allergy-free Christmas tree,” NESS informs NTB.

Rusta and Europris department stores also report an increase in sales of artificial Christmas trees in recent years. IKEA says that their plastic Christmas trees are popular and that the numbers have been stable in recent years. None of the players that NTB has been in contact with want to provide specific sales figures for artificial Christmas trees.

Expensive artificial trees are popular
Like IKEA, Hageland also reports stable sales of artificial Christmas trees compared to last year. This year, they are selling artificial Christmas trees for about NOK 60 million nationwide.

Several players, including Clas Ohlson, have a clear trend that the artificial trees of the more expensive kind are the most popular. Also tall trees are more popular than before.

– “We have the biggest increase in sales of Christmas trees that are 210 centimeters high. It is no longer necessarily to have a green sparkling tree that applies. We sell everything from big to small trees, pink trees, trees with snow and pine cones to glittering gold trees,” says communications adviser Kine Dreyer in Clas Ohlson to NTB.

Harmful to the environment

The Nature Conservation Association is not enthusiastic about the development of sales of artificial trees.

– “We recommend people to choose Norwegian fir or pine as a Christmas tree,” says Silje Ask Lundberg in the Nature Conservation Association to NTB.

“Plastic trees are environmentally harmful to both make and use. Small pieces of microplastics and environmental toxins are often included in place of pine needles, and the plastic is also usually made of fossil oil, which in turn leads to greenhouse gas emissions,” says Lundberg.

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