Strong increase in unemployed immigrants in March

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The percentage of fully unemployed immigrants increased from 5.5 per cent in February to 17.7 per cent in March. But in the rest of the population the increase was almost twice that.

In absolute figures, there was an increase from 26,820 full unemployment among immigrants in February 2020 to 87,200 in March, figures from Statistics Norway show.

This is more than a threefold increase in the number of unemployed immigrants. In the rest of the population, the increase was much greater, from 38,600 to 213,100, ie almost twice the increase. Unemployment increased here from 1.7 to 9.1 per cent.

In February, immigrants accounted for 41 per cent of the unemployed, whilst this proportion dropped to 29 per cent in March. According to Statistics Norway, this change is mainly due to the Corona situation.

Many of the registered unemployed are laid-off staff who apply for unemployment benefits as a result of the Corona measures, and Statistics Norway expects that most of these will be back at work as soon as the measures have been lifted.

As a percentage, the difference between immigrants and the rest of the population has become somewhat smaller. In February, the unemployment rate was 3.2 times higher among immigrants, while in March it was 1.9 times as high.

Amongst immigrants, people from Eastern European EU countries, Asia and Africa have the highest unemployment.

Oslo was the county with the highest unemployment rate among immigrants in March, with 19.5 per cent. Then follow Inland and Vestfold and Telemark. At the bottom of the list we find Nordland, with 15.8 per cent. This county also had the lowest unemployment in the population otherwise.

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