Sunday shopping increasing in popularity

FoodFood.Photo: Norway Today Media

Over 20 years, the proportion of grocery shopping available on Sundays has increased by 70 percent, says SIFO.

– In 2016 says 36 percent said they shop in open stores on Sunday’s, while 21 percent said the same in 1996.

That’s probably because access has been improved after the so-called ‘Brustad-bua’ agreement came, and people are very satisfied, says researcher Randi Lavik of SIFO to news agency NTB.

Although the majority of Norwegians do not shop on Sunday, we like that the possibility is there and we have become more positive to the concept of stores being open on Sundays.

People especially liked that there is the possibility to buy groceries on Sundays in kiosks and gas stations, but when we first started out opening grocery chain shops, most decided to buy Sunday goods in small grocery stores.

When it comes to how often the opportunity is used and how much we are using this, it becomes clear our Sundays haven’t changed fundamentally in 20 years.

Around half of the grocery shoppers only shopped once during a month, one-third have done it twice during the same period, and only one in five went three times per month.

These figures are roughly the same as in similar surveys in 1996.
Most who shop on Sunday will only supplement a little. Few people spend more than 200 kroner.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today