Over half restaurants and cafe’s rated with smiley

Norwegian food safety authorityNorwegian food safety authority.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / SCANPIX .

64 percent of the 7,500 places to dine that FSA has examined in the last six months have been awarded a smiley as an indication of good hygiene.

The first round of the smiley arrangement  is completed and hygiene at thousands of eateries across the country have been checked. 64 percent got top marks and therefore earned a smiley by the FSA.

33 percent had stroke-mouth, which means that there are errors or omissions that are required rectified.

3 percent of the 11,500 inspections conducted, got a failing grade in the form of a frown.

– It indicates serious defects with great danger to food safety, writes the FSA in a statement.

The arrangement with smiley started on the 1st of January 2016. It will give the public the opportunity to make the choice of eating at places according to the rankings by symbols given to said facility, wrote the FSA.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today