The opening of Østfold Line is postponed

Bus for train.Bus for train.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix


The Østfold line through Ski still wont open on the 10th of August. Alternative transport will be set up in the coming weeks.


For the time being, the opening has been delayed for another week, Bane Nor states. The delay is due to the signaling system.

-”The challenges are related to the extensive work around the Ski station and the new signaling system. The plant must be adapted to both the new and old systems on the Østfold line, the Eastern line and Western line towards Oslo. It requires extensive testing. For safety reasons, we must therefore wait to put the trains into service.”, says Executive Vice President, Sverrre Kjenne, Of Bane Nor.

Extra workers has been deployed  to the project.

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