This year’s salmon season is underway

river fishingRiver fishing.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

From midnight, this year’s salmon fishing started. One thing was missing: around 10,000 foreign salmon fishermen, who currently have to stay at home.

The salmon season lasts for three months. Each season, 1.3 billion kroner is traded from fishing, accommodation and goods sales, reports NRK.

Estimates from the professional organization Norske Lakseelever show that river owners get a turnover of over 180 million annually just from foreign salmon fishermen.

But for the time being, only Danish salmon fishermen will be able to come to Norway from 15 June.

“It’s very nice for the Danes, even though they miss the opening. The Danes make up about 2,500 of the salmon fishermen in Norway,” says Pål Mugaas from Norske Lakseelever.

He does not think Swedish or English fishermen will come this year. Also, Germans and Finns usually come in great numbers to fish the Norwegian salmon rivers.

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