18 year old sentenced to conditional jail term for sharing sex video

Prison, au pairsPrison: Photo:Pixabay

An 18 year old man has been sentenced to three months imprisonment for filming a sixteen year old girl who had sex with another, and sharing the video, and photographs.


The penalty is 30 days shorter than the plaintiff’s claim, wrote Drammen Tidende newspaper.

The 18 year old failed to pay a fine of NOK 5,000 due to low income, but the mobile phone that was used for filming was confiscated.

The event occurred at a young people’s party last March.

The 18 year old, who was then 17, explained in court that a male party guest asked him to film as he walked naked into a bedroom where the 16 year old girl was. The accused filmed the 16 year old girl and another boy having sex.

The 18 year old explained in court that the film lasted only about 1.5 seconds, and that he stopped filming when he saw what was happening.

The day after the incident, the 18 year old showed the film to a mate,who at that time “held on” with the 16 year old girl. According to the man,the motive was to show that the girl was unfaithful. He also sent a screenshot from the video to the same mate, as well as to a friend of the girl.

Neither the police nor the court had seen the video, as it was deleted before the case was reported. But the screen shot was presented as proof.

The 18 year old confessed to what he had done, and explained that he regrets it.


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