85% of Norwegians have great confidence in scientists, survey shows

ScientistPhoto (illustration): National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

A June study showed that Norwegian people trust scientists. Judges and lawyers also enjoy great confidence among the general population.

As many as 85% of Norwegians say that they have great confidence in researchers. Judges are a close second (83%), lawyers employed by the state and local government are in third place (70%), and regular lawyers in fourth (68%).

The figures have been revealed by the June social survey conducted by Response Analysis for the Norwegian Bar Association.

Norwegians’ confidence in the legal professions has not changed much since the last survey. 

These results are almost exactly the same as the ones in 2018.

Business leaders and journalists also enjoy a lot of public confidence in Norway.

When it comes to other occupational groups, politicians scored 41%, stockbrokers 24%, and public relations advisers were the least trusted, with 18%.

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