A group will look into possible cooperation between the police and the Armed Forces

A group will look at a cooperation between the police and the Armed ForcesA group will look at a cooperation between the police and the Armed Forces Photo: Erlend Aas / NTB scanpix
The government has put together a group to propose a new procedure for cooperation between the police and the armed forces on terror readiness.
The group will also look into whether the current rules for the use of the Armed Forces are too strict, If the armed forces are summoned quickly enough and what kind of weapons that can be deployed if the police do not have the capacity to meet a threat on their own. The Commission has so far been kept secret, writes the newspaper Aftenposten.
– We will look at the design of the instruction that we will use. How the defense can support the police when the police resources are exhausted. It’s all about volume, and if we have an effective decision-making system for implementing assistance to the police,  Commission chairman Arne Roksund, a researcher at the Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen, said.
The backdrop for the work include some extensive terrorist attacks in Europe. In addition, you want to avoid a “turf battle” between the police and the Armed Forces and rectify what has gone wrong when the two have been training together.
– My ambition is  that we at least should reduce any hint of professional strife. The task we are talking about are too important  to be hindered by this,  Roksund says. The researcher also was a part of the Gjørv Commission that was put together after the 22 July attack.
The other members of the group are  Attorney Fredrik Sejersted, Professor Kjell Inge Bjerga at the Defence College, Joar Holen Sveen from Special Forces, Deputy Chief Constable John Reidar Nilsen Western Police District, deputy police director Ann-Kristin Kvilekval and brigadier Leif Petter Sommerseth from the Joint Headquarters.
Sourse: NTB Scanix / Norway Today